Reviews of Women Authors

Welcome to women’s writes! Out of respect, love, and passion I will be reviewing books by women authors. As a woman myself and avid reader I’ve grown very bored of male authors over the years and find them out of touch with the style of literature that I prefer. I like female protagonists, feminist themes, and spice. Smut is basically my favorite. I go through books like bags of chips so they don’t all have to be serious reads for me to throughly enjoy them. I read a lot of spicy fiction, new adult, fantasy, and some historical spicy fiction and other randomness thrown in there. All of my reviews are from the heart and probably full of awkwardness as well.

These are all my own opinions and aren’t compensated in any way. This is just a hobby and passion of mine. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my review but please be nice because I’m sensitive and I will absolutely cry.

Happy reading!