Fable by Adrienne Young

I just think you all should know that while I was writing this a puppy ran into me and started jumping and licking me. I didn't question this random, fluffy, puppy gift- I just pet him because he is a good boy and when the universe sends you a good boy you snuggle him. Eventually his owner came and stole him back from me though. Wow, what a blessing. Now I'm slobbery.


Fable by Adrienne Young

One Word Review: Lyrical

Mood: A Nautical bedtime story

I needed a new book to listen to. How I incorporated so much reading into my life is by having a system. I have a daytime book, a bedtime book, and a book to listen to on headphones when I'm doing whatever else. I'll dive into how I sort these out later. I like for audiobooks to be better listened to. Stories better told than read. I think that exists. Sure, you've read The Hobbit, but have you listened to someone read The Hobbit by firelight? You've read Harry Potter but have you ever been curled up in blankets and listened to a perfect British accent do the voices of Hagrid and Dudley, while it rains outside? Trust me, the right book, the right voice, audiobooks are a vibe.

So I'm always looking for the right book to listen to. I thought I'd try out some nautical stories and I was right on the money with that.

Although, I'll admit I started Fable thinking it was another book altogether. I guess I put three pirate books in my mind library to-be-read and I picked this one up thinking it was To Kill a Kingdom (which will be probably be next) but I'm happy with it.

This is a good book to listen to. The descriptions are sing-song, lyrical, poetic. Beautiful descriptions of the sea, of shimmering stones, and grungy thieves. The descriptions and backdrop are basically the story, which you have to be in the mood for something like that. The plot is simple, get off an island of thieves, onto a ship, and find her father who abandoned her. It all unfolds slowly from there. I have to be honest that I'm about halfway through and I'm kind of ready to be done with the story but I'm going to keep listening because it really is just beautifully written.

Fable is a deep sea diver seeking stones to pay her way. There's a description of seeing whale sharks and being underwater and coral that's just lovely. A line I loved is where she's talking about her past and how the "girl I was has been widdled into something else" I mean... With writing like that how can you not like it.

Damnit I need a week on a beach.

So give it a read or listen if you want to escape to the high seas for a while.