7th Circle (Hades #1) By Tate James

One Word Review: Matriarchy

Mood: Like a female run sons of anarchy, sexy, powerful

Spice: 2/5

I finished 7th Circle by Tate James over the weekend. I stayed up way too late because there just wasn’t a stopping point those last few chapters. In true James fashion it left off on a cliffhanger. Tate James is such a bad bitch and I will love and read everything she puts out after becoming obsessed with Madison Kate.

7th Circle takes place in the same world as Madison Kate and there is some fun overlap but you don’t have to have read the MK series to pick up this one— though you should. This book follows gang leader, nightclub owner, the head guy in charge, Hades, who is a woman, and her men, Zed, Lucas, and Cas.

Someone, maybe from her past, is being creepy. This is the background to the story where the main plot is mostly just following Hades around on her motorcycle while she fucking owns her town and everyone in it.

This is a reverse harem which means there are multiple sexual love interests and she’s not going to choose between them. Something I like about this reverse harem is that the guys know each other but don’t necessarily interact too often. Most RH’s I’ve read the guys are close friends but that’s refreshingly not the case here. The guys are bad boys and I’m into it. I do wish I had a little more of the men in this book. But I can see how this is a book to set up Hades' character. So far these guys don’t hold much of a candle to Cody, Archer, and Steele from Madison Kate but there are three more books in the series so I’m going to trust the process and give it time.

That’s a nice way of saying I haven’t chosen my book boyfriend...yet.

Just so you know, in my head I picture Zed as Manny Montana, Lucas as a young Tom Welling, and Cas as Duke Wilson. I don’t think my imagination is accurate though because the dudes on the covers so far look different but whatever. Either I spaced and didn’t read the descriptions correctly or they weren’t super clear. This is odd because Archer, Cody, and Steele were SPOT ON in my mind with the cover art. Oh well, look those dudes up if you want to read with my visual too... 🥵

There’s a lot I love about Tate James' style as is. This book keeps with tradition with a badass female lead. I like the power flip of Hades being a woman mob boss, dating a stripper, bossing around other gang members. I’m here for it. And I feel that Hades is believable enough a heroine. It has a tiny bit of “other world” syndrome where I was indeed hoping to run into Madison Kate and her boys but I got a taste of that here and there. I suspect there will be more sightings in the following books in the series.

Overall loved 7th Circle and am eager to finish the series. If you need a sexy, quick, gender-flipped gangster read definitely check it out.

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