Image by Dan Farrell

I didn't make a big declaration to only read books written by women it just naturally happened that way. I wanted to read thoughtful, character-driven, stories with female leads, and intimacy focused on her pleasure. I love spice, fantasy, history, swoony book boyfriends, and girlfriends. Women writers deeply acknowledge that and male writers have massively failed in this department. There are entire satire sites dedicated to, "Men writing women" and how gloriously they fail at doing so.

I created Women's Writes to not only 'review' women's books but to write love letters to the authors themselves- whether I particularly loved the book or not. I support women writing. I love women's writes. 


So I say men have had their turn. I only read books written by women now. 

Outside of reading and writing, I like cats and naps. Follow me on Instagram @womenswrites_